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We’ve been working in the following areas for more than 30 years.


One of our main activities is the demolition of buildings and other artificial structures. This is followed by the segregation of waste types for ecological treatment and recycling. Thanks to a fleet of modern excavators, we’re able to carry out complex demolition projects even at heights of over 50 metres. KAFRIL is a member of the German Demolition Association.


Complex earthworks, drainage and civil works projects are carried out using state-of-the-art machinery. Our services include digging excavations, including cut and cover as well as underwater operations. Thanks to our experience and technology, we have the ideal solution for every project. High precision is ensured by the use of the latest laser and GPS equipment.


Demolition waste is recycled into materials of various grain sizes and qualities using advanced crushing and screening equipment. As well as making up the core of our ecologically sustainable material flow management, this process delivers an inexpensive alternative to natural stone materials.

Road construction

Being a road construction contractor, we use our own road wideners to produce new shoulders. Maintenance and upkeep are carried out with our road milling machine. KAFRIL machinery is used everywhere, including on motorways and main roads across Europe.


Sophisticated landscaping provides a distinguished setting for a building. We can successfully undertake challenging projects, ranging from private homes and large corporate grounds to parks and green spaces in urban areas.